The Company’s objective is to invest in a diversified investment portfolio of income producing multi-family real estate properties in Florida (“Investment Properties”), indirectly through subsidiaries which are formed specifically for such purposes.

This investment strategy has a medium to long term holding period. The Company will seek to employ strategies with sufficient flexibility to take advantage of changes in the multi-family residential real estate market.

All investments shall be made by the Officers in their discretion, provided, that investments are expected to be in multifamily properties.

The Company believes its sourcing capability, along with the Company’s real estate experience within the Team, investment strategies and approach, will provide a competitive advantage and position for the Company to capitalize on opportunities found in the Florida real estate market.

The foundation of the Company’s investment approach is stringent fundamental analysis of the property, current market conditions, and other factors affecting the price of the property. The approach will be to purchase multi-family real estate properties and immediately seek income generation from the acquisition of each property. This may occur through net rental income generated by the property and future price appreciation.