The Board shall initially consist of Patrik Gransater, Hanna Gransater, Jeff Tomberg, and Borje Vestberg. The Board has delegated the exclusive right, power and authority with respect to all day to day decisions regarding the operation and management of the Company to the officers of the Company, as designated by the Board.  The officers shall consist of Patrik Gransater, as Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) and Hanna Gransater, as Chief Operating Officer (“COO” and together with the CEO, the “Officers”).  Board approval will be required for any “Major Decisions” and strategic planning for investments.  The principal office of the Officers is located at 1907 NE 2nd Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.

The following sets forth certain information about the Board:

  • Patrik Gransater – Manager and CEO
  • Hanna Gransater – Manager and COO
  • Jeffrey Tomberg – Manager
  • Borje Vestberg – Director


Patrik Gransater
Mr. Gransater has much of his business experience in investment banking.  Most recently he  was a partner and CEO of the investment bank Remium when he purchased it with other investors in 2008.  He turned the company around from a 2.5 million (SEK) loss in 2008 to a 33 million (SEK) profit in 2010.  From 2005 to 2007, he was the Founder and Managing Director of Banque Ohman S.A. Luxemburg. From 2002 through 2005, Mr. Gransater was a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, Geneva, London and Luxemburg.  There he helped develop the Merrill Lynch Private Banking for the Nordic Region.  Prior to that, he was the Founder and CFO for Speed Ventures N.V., which became a well-known incubator in Europe.  Speed Ventures N.V. made early investments in telecom and internet, and he sold the company in 2001.


Hanna Gransater
Mrs. Gransater is a Sales Director and CEO at the family company, Cotton Club AB, founded in 1973.  Cotton Club AB has been a well-known fashion agency in Scandinavia for almost 40 years.  The company distributed and sold women’s, men’s and children’s brands from Europe, especially France, Italy and England to shops and warehouses in Scandinavia.  Mrs. Gransater has a degree in Information and Business Communication from IHM Institute for Higher Marketing.


Jeffrey Tomberg
Mr. Tomberg is a native Floridian and has 37 years of legal experience in Florida.  He has maintained his office in the same location for his entire career.  He is a 35-year agent of Old Republic title insurance and has handled hundreds of single-family residential, multi-family and commercial transactions. He is familiar with all aspects of residential properties including landlord tenant issues, zoning issues, and code enforcement issues.  In connection with real estate matters, Mr. Tomberg is also familiar with the issues surrounding the various types of financing, including purchase money mortgage, third party financing, as well as bridge financing.  In addition, while Mr. Tomberg is not a board certified trial lawyer, he is authorized to hold himself out as a specialist in trial law.  He has tried many cases involving purchase issues, landlord-tenant, zoning and code enforcement issues.  Mr. Tomberg graduated from University of Florida in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in marketing with honors.  He then graduated University of Florida, College of Law in 1977 and has practiced in Boynton Beach, Florida since admission to the Florida Bar in November 1977.

Borje Vestberg
Successful entrepreneur of a family fashion company from 1973-2013. Member of the board of a housing trust association from 1988-2005. Chariman of the club committee and member of the board of the Royal Tennis Club in Sweeden, from 2005-2016. Borje has been a Florida resident since 2004.